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Gopher State Events Chip Timing (RFID Timing)

Race Timing for Road Race, Multi Sport, Fat Tire, Mountain Bike, CC, Nordic Ski, Snow Shoe, & Specialty Races
Chip Timing Company for the Upper Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota
Gopher State Events
Nordic Cover

Close one for 2nd and 3rd at the 2017 Vasaloppet 58K.

GSE & The Missing Bike Plates

Nordic Cover

What Others Have Said

The first race you all timed for us, my 7th grade son was racing Varsity for the first time...My husband walked up to him 30 seconds before the race...told him his start time was in 30 seconds. Our kid ran to the start taking off his jacket and putting his bib on (upside down) and ended up skiing with his pants on :) The results showed he was dead last when in reality he won. Your gopro videos captured everything - you fixed the results in under a few hours and that night you all had a lot of races going on.

I'm a VP of Sales and Customer Service and I've worked with your organization twice on errors and have been so impressed with your response and resolution time. Keep on doing what you are doing - I'd love to have our company respond so quickly!! Nice Job!

Jackie S.
Nordic Ski Parent  See more

Tempo Events Electronic Race Registration

Does Your Timing Company Do This?

  • Individual results text messages sent almost instantly.
  • Individual results emails sent almost instantly.
  • Results Online as the event unfolds.
  • Finish Line Pix online that day.
  • Finish Line Videos online within a week.
  • Pre-race reminder emails sent day before.
  • Accurate, awards-ready results on demand..
  • Electronic results display during the race.
  • Electronic Announcer's Portal.
  • Automatically scored Race Series

No Timing Necessary?

Gopher ..."just for fun"...to raise money for a good cause...little emphasis on times, places and awards?

We will bring a clock, a camera, and a friendly face. Pix online later that day FOR FREE DOWNLOAD with the clock in the background. No timing equipment, no chips, no data entry, and far less cost. Call us at 612-720-8427 or email us.

Tempo Events

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Apple Valley Freedom Days
  • Apple Valley Freedom Days
  • 7/4/2017
  • Apple Valley, MN
  • Website

2 Mile and 5 Mile Races – both begin at 8:00am. “Half-Pint Half-Mile” to follow 2 & 5-Miles @ approx. 9:30-9:45am. Hayes Park/A.V.C.C, 14603 Hayes Road – Apple Valley. 4TH leg of the Groundpounders Grand Prix Series

Think About This...

Training is principally an act of faith

Results Via Text Message Has Arrived

Our participants can now get their results via text message. We are extremely happy to be able to provide results this quickly to our customers.

Sample Finish Line Picture

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...Free of charge to all finishers.

The GSE Advantage

Our Timing System...

RFID Timing RFID (chip) Timing: Ultra - The ultimate rifd timing/chip timing system. We chose the Ultra system because it is one of the leading technologies in RFID timing and chip timing. It allows us the option of being able to source UHF tags from anywhere, meaning we keep our prices competitive with rfid timing or chip timing providers without compromising quality.

Nordic Ski Technology

Our Nordic Ski process uses a gantry structure with four or more overhead antennae spanning 18'- 26' or more as the situation requires. Participants wear vest-type bibs with an RFID tag adhered to the inside front and back of the bib. Below is a video indicating how to attach the Nordic Ski adhesive tags.

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Introducing the "Broken Marathon"

The Broken Marathon

At The Races

Vasaloppet Sunday
Mora, MN

Mora, MN

The GSE Mission

To make fitness event management, including related school sports, a more enjoyable, healthful, and social experience for all participants, to support the worthy causes that these events contribute to, to make the work easier for the event director, and to do this at a fee that is affordable and margin-based, rather than driven by what we think the market will bear.

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