Minnesota Chip Timing (RFID Timing) Solutions, including 5k

What Others Have Said

Our Pumpkin Run & Walk event has a great relationship with the crew at Gopher State Events. We needed help with professional timing, results, finish line management and building a participant database, and we found a perfect solution for our race with Gopher State Events. The staff are very easy to work with, respond quickly to questions, and they take care of the little things that need to be done behind the scenes leading up to race day, on race day, and post-race. We like the energy and enthusiasm they have for running and endurance events on race day, it really adds to the atmosphere of our event. Most of all, we trust them to take care of the very important and stressful details of precisely timing the race, tracking finishers, and producing accurate results. We have used Bob and his staff for six consecutive Pumpkin Run races, and we plan to use them again this year.

Tom U.
Event Director

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GSE Results Pages Now Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Devices Now when you open your results page on your phone or other mobile device you will be automatically redirected to a page that is easier to view. Try it! Open this page on your mobile device and it will take you to a much less encumbered page.

Connecting Fitness Through Teams

Connected Fitness The fitness world is very much about connecting folks socially. Giving them a chance to register for a race together and "connect" their results is one way to facilitate that. Along with non-competitive ways to dovetail on the team component, from a results standpoint, we provide several options. Teams could be scored by:

  • Combined Time (when a fixed number of participants are on each team);
  • Average Time (when you allow a range of numbers of participants on each team...ie: "You must have at least 3 team members.");
  • Team Score (adding up the individual places for the first x team members as is done in cross-country running);
  • Team Points (assigning a maximum number of points for first place and then going down from there as is done in Nordic Sking);

No Timing Necessary?

Gopher ..."just for fun"...to raise money for a good cause...little emphasis on times, places and awards?

We will bring a clock, a camera, and a friendly face. Pix online later that day FOR FREE DOWNLOAD with the clock in the background. No timing equipment, no chips, no data entry, and far less cost.

First Year Race Pricing

Info Logo Hosting a race for the first year? Not sure how many participants you will get? We've got you covered. First year race pricing: $200 + $5/person or our normal race pricing, whichever is cheaper!

Our Timing System...

RFID Timing RFID (chip) Timing: Ultra - The ultimate rifd timing/chip timing system. We chose the Ultra system because it is one of the leading technologies in RFID timing and chip timing. It allows us the option of being able to source UHF tags from anywhere, meaning we keep our prices competitive with rfid timing or chip timing providers without compromising quality.