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Race Timing & Race Management

Who We Are

Demo PictureGSE (Gopher State Events) is a Minnesota race management and race timing service specializing in road race timing, nordic ski timing, snow shoe timing, mountain bike timing, duathlon timing, race walk timing and cross-country running. We use RFID timing or chip timing.

Not Just Timing

Demo Picture We are experts at all things race management. Whether it be course measurement, course setting, pre-race publicity, Search Engine Optimization, Volunteer Organization, or other consulting services, we can help. We can also line you up with the best in online participant pre-registration and assist with your social networking.

Proudly Partnering With...

What Others Have Said

Nordic Ski We rely more on the feedback we get from our customers more than anything else when it comes to expanding our race calendar and refining our service offerings. See what some of them have said here.

2014...The year of the Series

Press Release This year we are promoting race series' based on things like geographic location, race types, who is sponsoring the event, etc. No cost, no work. Just show and go. We'll handle the data. Series information can be found here: GSE Series Information.

First Year Race Pricing

Hosting a race for the first year? Not sure how many participants you will get? We've got you covered. First year race pricing: $200 + $5/person or our normal race pricing, whichever is cheaper!

Coming in 2015...Connected Fitness

We live in a connected world. At GSE we can't wait to help you connect your fitness with others of like mind and motivation. Stay tuned!

Our Timing System...

RFID Timing RFID (chip) Timing: Ultra - The ultimate UHF rifd timing/chip timing system. We chose the Ultra system because it is one of the leading technologies in RFID timing and chip timing and it allows us the option of being able to source UHF tags from wherever we please. This allows us to keep our prices near the low end of rfid timing or chip timing providers without compromising quality.