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Upper Midwest Chip Timing (RFID Timing) Solutions

Does Your Timing Company Do This?

  • Individual results emails sent almost instantly.
  • Results Online as the event unfolds.
  • Finish Line Pix online that day.
  • Finish Line Videos online within a week.
  • Pre-race reminder emails sent day before.
  • Accurate, awards-ready results on demand..
  • Electronic results display during the race.
  • Electronic Announcer's Portal.
  • Automatically scored Race Series

Sample Finish Line Picture

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Free of charge to all finishers.

First Year Race Pricing

Hosting a race for the first year? Not sure how many participants you will get? We've got you covered. First year race pricing: $200 + $5/person or our normal race pricing, whichever is cheaper!

2015...The Series Get Better

This year we are enhancing our race series' with increased functionality. No cost, no work. Just show and go. We'll handle the data. Series information can be found here: GSE Series Information.

Coming in 2015...Connected Fitness

We live in a connected world. At GSE we can't wait to help you connect your fitness with others of like mind and motivation. Stay tuned!

Our Timing System...

RFID Timing RFID (chip) Timing: Ultra - The ultimate rifd timing/chip timing system. We chose the Ultra system because it is one of the leading technologies in RFID timing and chip timing. It allows us the option of being able to source UHF tags from anywhere, meaning we keep our prices competitive with rfid timing or chip timing providers without compromising quality.

What Others Have Said

Nordic Ski We rely more on the feedback we get from our customers more than anything else when it comes to expanding our race calendar and refining our service offerings. See what some of them have said here.

Think About This...

GSE He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.

The GSE Mission

To make fitness event management, including related school sports, a more enjoyable, healthful, and social experience for all participants, to support the worthy causes that these events contribute to, to make the work easier for the event director, and to do this at a fee that is affordable and margin-based, rather than driven by what we think the market will bear.

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